Mercury is a very popular element especially because of its uses. However, did you know that mercury comes in other forms such as red mercury, silver mercury, and dimethylmercury? If you have heard or read about mercury poisoning from seafood, then there is a chance you have come across the term dimethylmercury. Mercury poisoning because of consuming seafood is because of the toxic form methylmercury, which occurs when mercury dissolves in water. All creatures in the sea can absorb methylmercury from the water.

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Buy Dimethylmercury online in bulk now and save! Buy Dimethylmercury with Bitcoins as well. Known by the acronym DMME, Dimethylmercury (or DMM) is a colorless, odorless liquid that is highly toxic and must be handled very carefully. It is an organomercurial compound that is recognized as one of the “New Organometallic Chemicals” in terms of its environmental impact. As of now, there are no technological applications for DMME, but it finds extensive use in organic synthesis reactions and can serve to synthesize a range of organic compounds when used properly. Buy Dimethylmercury with Bitcoins online from our company today!


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